Talk, Read, and Sing Together Every Day!

Talking with your children is so important to help grow them into strong readers and learners – even when they are just babies. The “Talking Is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing” public awareness campaign has put together some great tips for how to work these activities into your everyday routine. Here are some highlights:


For babies:

  • Listen to the sounds your baby makes and repeat them, smiling and encouraging your baby to make more sounds.
  • Talk about what you see wherever you go, and talk about what your baby is doing, playing with or looking at.
  • Make eye contact, hold your baby’s hand, and talk in a loving tone of voice.
  • Cuddle with your baby while you read together to help build a foundation for a positive association with books and learning.
  • Have special songs for bedtime, eating times or other “times of day” that happen regularly.


For toddlers:

  • Ask your child questions about books and stories as you are reading them together.
  • Let your child turn the pages in the book – this helps them get used to books and have an active role in story time.
  • Sing songs that help teach skills like counting, shoe-tying and bath time.
  • Play I-Spy in the grocery store together while you shop, or find other fun ways to talk about what you see and can read.


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