Simple Ideas to Get Your Student to School on Time

Do you struggle to get your student up and ready for school on time? Does your student miss school or show up late because of sluggish mornings? Next time try these simple tricks to help make mornings easier.

Get ready the night before: Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting your child go to sleep tonight in tomorrow’s school clothes! But we do recommend having your child set out their outfit the night before so they’re not scrambling to find clean clothes in the morning. Same goes for packing a lunch or a backpack—do this at night and you’ll have more time in the morning.

Reward easy mornings: Did you only have to ask your child to get up and ready once? Did they go to bed when you asked? Shower them with praise—or a small reward—when things go smoothly. At night, this could be an extra story at bedtime. In the morning, the reward could be watching cartoons over breakfast or a trip to the park after school. Pick something that motivates your child.  

Prioritize sleep: Your child might beg you to stay up late, but don’t let their begging work. Sleep is vital to young children, who need up to 13 hours of it every day. And not getting enough sleep can cause crankiness and delays in the morning. Early to bed, early to rise!

Establish routines: Winding down at night and ramping up in the morning can be hard to do without a consistent routine in place. That’s because a routine is a signal to your child that something is getting ready to happen. Bath plus book plus lullaby, in that order, will eventually let them know it’s bedtime. Part of a good routine is also making sure wake-up time and bedtime happen at the same time every day and night.

Have an alternative transportation plan: Miss the bus? It happens, but it doesn’t have to mean missing school, too. Have a plan B for getting to school. If you don’t have a car, call on a family member, neighbor or another parent for help.

Do you have any good tricks for making mornings easier? We’d love to hear them! Share them on the Jump In, Nashville! Facebook page!

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